It is not a difficult thing to find a suitable accommodation in Brazil as long as you are willing to pay more. There is a wide range of accommodation in Brazil for you to choose, from single apartment to house with garden or swimming pool. As other countries, in Brazil, the bigger the city the more you have to pay. Affordable rental housing is always found in coastal area, especially the short-term housing during off-season, the rent often drops drastically due to Europeans prefer long-term housing for vacation.


Long-term housing often is unfurnished, meaning you have to spend extra money to furnish it or buy the missing things such as freezer, washing machine or even bulbs. Short-term housing is the opposite, providing amenity for all its tenants. Generally speaking, tenants will choose short-term housing.


In Brazil, expats always favor gated housing (Condominios in Spanish) because of their security staff and cameras. Though you have to pay the security fee, it does make you feel safer than other options of housing.


Moreover, bear in mind that some big cities such as São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, have poor transport connections, so it is advisable to check the location before moving in.


To find rental housing, there are several methods:

1. Ask locals: The locals know their surrounding very well. Also they are quite informative and helpful so you could save some hassles

2. Ad and classified: You can look for housing by reading newspaper or search on the internet. Websites such as provide easy housing searching. However, you may have to know some Portuguese. But, it's a bit difficult for expatriates in Brazil.

3. Estate agencies: It is recommended going to accredited and certified agencies other than a random one. As always, they will charge you some fee as commission. You can go to several agencies at the same time to get a wide list of housing. Remember do not pay any fee before signing a contract as it will lead to fraudulent behavior. 

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