In New Zealand, as always the bigger city the higher the rent is, although rented accommodation is not very hard to find. For instance, Auckland, one of the major cities, has one of the highest rents in the country and shortage of rented accommodation is quite popular.


In New Zealand, as for ways of finding the suitable accommodation, commonly people hunt housing through local newspapers, estate agencies or immigration consultants. Local newspapers have classified containing tons of housing advertises whose price is mostly reasonable and you can safely choose the suitable accommodation. It is advisable to view the housing by arranging appointment with landlords instead of trusting the misleading descriptions on the newspapers. Estate agents may save you hassle on house hunting but they usually charge you one-week’s rent as commission. Immigration consultants may offer you housing option before you arrive in New Zealand, nevertheless, the price is usually not cheap compared with other sources. And it is possible that the on-site accommodation is nothing like what you saw in the pictures. So, you need to be careful about choosing the suitable accommodation.


Regarding rental cost, there is a big gap between Auckland and Wellington, and elsewhere in New Zealand, meaning you have to pay more to rent a property in these two cities. On the other hand, the average rent is around $200 per week in the rest of the country.Then, you will find that rental costs are also a big expense.


Most landlords prefer a contract of at least 12 months and sometimes they will refuse to let if it is less than a year. If the contract is under 6 months, usually landlords will try to charge you a higher rent.

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