For expatriates in Australia, it is not easy to get a job unless you are capable of speaking fluent English and specified skills. Usually, in Australia, if you have qualifications and experience regarding accountancy and medicine, which are in great demand locally, then the job opportunities are plentiful for you. Other jobs such as cook, hair stylist, plumber are demanded as well (If you plan to become immigrant, then it is best to check out which one earns more career points for your immigration).


Australia government has rigid regulations towards employees, which means you have to be well-equipped to get the good job opportunities. First it is the language barrier, Australia government requires employees should have certain English skills. For nurse or other jobs, the standard is higher. This is not an easy task for expatriates in Australia. Usually, in Australia, if you do not have background of English-speaking countries, you must pass the English exam to prove your English knowledge. Even you have overcome the language barrier and you are fully qualified in your country, you may still have to satisfy Australia standards towards the job (e.g. pass professional examinations). For expatriates in Australia, if you do not have any experience, it will be very hard for you to get the job opportunities. For example, accountancy normally requires one-year experience and permanent residency, which is almost impossible for expatriates jobseekers in Australia.

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China Temporary Residence registration

For all foreigners residing in China on any kind of visa it is compulsory register your temporary residence with your local police station within 48 h

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