Residency permits

If you are going to stay in France for up to 3 months, you should officially obtain a residency permit because your stay is considered as a residency in France. The residency permits are only issued in France. For EU/EEA citizens, they do not have to apply for residency permits; however, if they plan to have long stay in France it will be very useful. You can apply at your local préfecture de Police or sous-préfecture at the services des étrangers (foreigners office). In the event of no préfecture nearby, you can also apply at your local town hall office (mairie). Note that you have to apply for a residency permit within two months of entering the French territory.


The documentation you have to submit depends on what type of residencey permit you are going to apply for. Following are the documents you should need in most cases:

- original and photocopy of your passport with a valid long-stay visa

- three passport-size photographs

- birth certificate (acte de naissance, etat civil), in addition to certified translation into French, which should be produced in your home country (or at your country's embassy in French, who may be able to provide this service) by an official translator accredited by the French Embassy in your home country.

- original and photocopy of proof of residence (statement of domicile, electricity bill or rent receipt)

- employees must present a certificate of employment and latest payment slips

- self-employed people must provide proof of their status (subscription to URSSAF, trade or TVA register, etc.)

- retired and unemployed people must provide proove that they have adequate financial resources to live in France

- students must also provide proof they have adequate financial resources as well as proof of enrolment in an educational institution recognized by the French Ministry of Education

- medical certificate issued by OMI ( office des migrations internationales), an institution/doctor approved by OMI or a French Embassy

- medical insurance


You should provide French translation if your documents are not in French.


Work permit

Mostly, it will be a residency permit stating you can work in France; sometimes it can be a separate document. Most EU/EEA citizens do not need a work permit to work in France.


Whether you need to apply for work permit depends on your residency permit. Holding permanent resident permit grants you the right to work in France. On the contrary, holding provisional stay permit or short-stay visa means that you need to apply for a work permit for your employment. In most cases, you will obtain a temporary residency permit stating the type of work you are allowed to do. There are other types of permit though. Temporary work permit is for applicants who are under some special situations, say, employee remains on the payroll of an overseas company, while seasonal work contract specifies not only the type of work but also the work location and the validity.


Note that if your temporary residency permit states that your status is 'private or family purposes', you can work in almost any part of French, whereas 'visitor' status does not grant you to work and needs you to apply separately.

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