For application of Spanish citizenship, generally you should be a legal and have continuous residency for 10 years. In reality, the residency period can often be reduced to 5, 2 or even 1 year. For example, you are granted asylum, or you are from South America or spouse of Spaniard.


You can apply for spanish citizenship at Registro Civil but it is the Ministerio de Justicia in charge of application. If you are from Latin America, Portugal, Philippines, Equatorial Guinea or Andorra, you can retain your original nationality. However, if you’re not, you must give up your old nationality technically.


Following are the documentation needed for application:

- your birth certificate

- a consular certificate stating your former nationality, your criminal records and your military status in your home country

- a certificate of Spanish criminal records

- a police certificate stating the time of your residency in Spain

- your registration in the Spanish town council


As a Spanish citizen, you are holding a Spanish passport and are granted the right to vote. In addition, you have right to work and live in the countries of EU.

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