Teaching English

The majority of foreigners are Teaching English in China. This position has good salary and normally it consists of free accommodation, travel allowance and medical insurance, making it welcomed by most Expatriates in China. As of now, in China, although there are more and more training centers and school hiring foreigner teachers, the competitive job area is fiercer than even before and the standard for foreigner is higher. Given the information available, the Expatriates in China are required to hold a BA degree, 60-hour or 120 hours TEFL certificate and have teaching experiences. Kindergartens may have extra requirements about the age since they think young people tend to be active and have sufficient energy to play with children. If you are younger, your job opportunities in China will increase. Native English speakers are mostly favored and sometimes they may get a teaching job without any experience and certification.


Other jobs

With the rise of Chinese economic, some companies begin to open to foreign employers to embrace the potential international market. Jobs like designer, senior manager and senior accountant etc are available for Expatriates in China. Other positions like French or Italian pastry chef, dancing teacher, minority languages teacher, actor and model start to have more market. If you speak fluent Chinese, then you will have a greater chance to find  well-paid job opportunities in China. So if you are looking for a good salary job, you better equip yourself with good knowledge of Mandarin or at least know basic communication. It's easier to get a good job opportunity in China.



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