Can you drive with international driving license in China? The answer is no. China does not recognize your international driving license and therefore you will have to get a Chinese one. Luckily, you are granted to apply for a" target="_BLANK">Chinese driving license if you already got a residence permit of China. Although there are some exams you still have to go through to get a" target="_BLANK">Chinese driving license:

 - A physical exam (from Chinese big hospital, do not go to clinics)

 - A written test (normally in English in big cities, if it is in Chinese, you can have a translator with you)

 - If you do not hold an international driving license, you will have to pass the driving test (drive in the car). If you got one, this test is not necessary but you must present the international driving license with a translation of it. 


The following documentation is also needed for the application:


- Your passport with your visa

- Your residence permit of China

- Your international driving license with a translation of it

- Your results of physical exam

- An application form and cash for application fee


In general, the" target="_BLANK">Chinese driving license is collectable after one week and the valid time is 6 years.


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