Cheryl-anne Johnston

Cheryl-anne Johnston

Nationality: South African

Location: South Africa

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

I have many years of experience in Corporate organisations and have worked in management positions across different industries. This adds value when teaching English for business.  In my spare time I have worked with nonprofit organisations and gained a wealth of knowledge and skills working with children, teenagers and adults. I bring these experiences with me as a TEFL Teacher who has a GA Level Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. As part of the hour course, I gained certification in Classroom Teaching, Online Teaching and Business English. I bring additional expertise through a Master of Science Degree in Psychology and have a private practice where I work with people of all ages. This has given me insight into people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Over and above this, I colloborate and discuss Medical and Psychology topics with Scientists, Professors and Doctors around the world. In some cases I have coauthored scientific research which has been published, as well as written articles on Mental Health. This is of added benefit for University Students as I have a good knowledge of the Academic world on an International level and can bring this to bear on their English studies. When I have time, I peer review Scientific Articles and this allows me to give students insight into how to write English according to Academic requirements. I am passionate about teaching. To provide knowledge is to give wisdom and to train is to give skills both are priceless.

Working Experience

presentSandton.SA. –presentSandton.SA. PrivatePractice:CJCounselling SpecialistWellnessCounsellor  IndividualCounsellingforteenI years experience

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