Fatima Adams

Fatima Adams

Nationality: south african

Location: south Africa

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

Application for Employment Dear Hiring Manager I am writing this in support of my application for employment as a Teacher of English as a Foreign or Second Language. I am extensively qualified, firstly as a teacher of Life Sciences; and secondly, of English as a Foreign language. As a result, I am well versed in the psychology of education, and am confident and comfortable in dealing with children of all ages. I am passionate in my belief that education enables and empowers a child to achieve his or her full potential, as my own level of education suggests. I believe English skills in particular allow children a far greater range of choices, as it is the language of academia and business. I am a careful planner, but can also be adaptable in any situation which serves me well as a teacher. I am also nurturing and supportive, as a result of which, students tend to respond well to me. My preference in terms of location is South Korea, however as this is a new journey for me, I am open to other choices as well. Similarly, while I would prefer to work with Kindergarden and elementary school children, I am qualified and capable in teaching other levels. My Facebook names, email addresses and other names are listed below. Fatima Adams Jooma I look forward to discussing my skills and possible employment with you soon. Best regards F Adams

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