Stephen Hamilton

Stephen Hamilton

Nationality: British

Location: UK

Proficiency of Chinese: basic level

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

I am a creative, dynamic, professional and extremely organised English teacher with around eight and half years of teaching experience. I have taught all ages and levels from beginner to proficiency with much of that time spent preparing students for Cambridge examinations, from Starters through to CPE.  This was done through using a combination of textbooks specifically designed for this area and additionally using a selection of authentic materials, such as magazines, newspapers and articles. I have also taught more general English and Business English.    I have predominantly worked in Spain and the UK in recent years and I would relish the opportunity to work in another county. I would like to work in China, South Korea,Thailand, Vietnam or anywhere in central Europe. It is also important for me to work for a company that values its teachers and offers opportunties for professional development.   Moreover, between October and June , I completed three modules of an MA in TESOL at the University of Birmingham via distance learning and subsequently, I was awarded a Post Graduate Certificate in TESOL, with merit. On this course, I learnt new methods and approaches in ELT that I believe have improved me as a teacher. I wrote three assignments in total, one on taskbased learning, one on writing skills and error correction and one on motivation.   I have mostly been doing temporary office and manual work over the last few months and I am keen to return to a teaching role as soon as possible. I have attached my CV for you to view, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or need anything clarifying. I am currently based in the UK.

Working Experience

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