Bianca de Wet

Bianca de Wet

Nationality: South Africa

Location: South Africa

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

About me: My name is Bianca de Wet and I am years of age. After a short career in insurance and sales, I moved to South Korea to teach English. This experience turned from an exciting adventure into a fullblown passion for teaching. After years in Korea, my husband and I moved to Vietnam in order to pursue further opportunities. This encouraged me to begin my PGCE in the intermediate phase. I am excited to continue following my passion for teaching, using the knowledge I have gained from my PGCE to teach children in the international school community. I believe teaching is one of the most rewarding careers an individual can have as a teacher not only teaches but learns too. Combining my love for teaching and sport, I further believe that I can be of great value to a school's sports program as well as the academic program. I am a dedicated and selfmotivated individual, who is always ready and willing to learn. I love having a challenge put in front of me and therefore push myself to excel in any position, I am placed in. I am a team player that is both reliable and responsible with a sense of maturity around me. I know that I can be an asset and add value to this department. I am a goaldriven individual who prioritizes myself in order to meet deadlines. I see myself as a dedicated, committed, honest, reliable, accurate, and consistent worker as well as a fast and efficient learner. Finally, I believe that one’s success is determined by perseverance, hard work, and one’s character. Bearing that in mind I would like to always improve and succeed each milestone I set. Hoping that my application reaches your favorable consideration.

Working Experience

About me: My name is Bianca de Wet and I am years of age. After a short career in insurance and sales, I moved to Sou

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