Orsila Pretorius

Orsila Pretorius

Nationality: South African

Location: South Africa

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

My name is Orsila Pretorius and I am years old. I have Long blond/brown hair and hazel eyes. I am currently residing in Edenvale. I have completed a year diploma on Health and Skin as well as a year Junior Lecturing apprenticeship.  I see myself as a hardworking individual. I can work very well under pressure and I have learnt how to create a good balance between my professional life as well as my personal life. I am always looking for a good challenge in order to see how far I can push myself beyond my own abilities because it is very rewarding to see just how much I can grow as an individual and how much I can contribute towards the company’s growth . I always set short term goals and long term goals for myself and I will achieve all of my goals to the best of my ability by doing what I love the most. I consider myself to be good with a variety of tasks such as teaching, administration,etc. I am also more than willing to continue learning as I believe that knowledge is power and in that way I can always better myself. I am a very loyal, friendly, honest and patient person. I vow to give percent of my time and dedication to my job and in everything else that I do. I know that I would be perfect for this job as I have strong teaching skills due to all I have learnt when working in various positions and I feel confident in myself as well as speaking in public. I know that I have a lot to offer and I am really hoping that after reading this you are willing to take a chance on me so that I can prove myself.

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