Nirusha Reddy

Nirusha Reddy

Nationality: South Africa

Location: South Africa

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

Greetings, I would like to propose my candidacy in response to your job advertisement. After reviewing your job requirements, I am confident that I am suitable for this role and that I can be of great value to your institution .  I am a South African national, holding a medical degree obtained from Mauritius, as well as a hour TEFL certificate. I am a native English speaker with a clear and neutral accent. Due to my constant setbacks in pursuing my medical career, I was left with ample time to seek other opportunities and discover a new found passion for teaching. I am a patient, compassionate and enthusiastic teacher with a strong sense of responsibility . I believe that teaching travels beyond the mere duty to read from set pieces of structured materials and rather, consists of varying degrees of skill, knowledge and innateness. My strong communication skills, approachable demeanor and enthusiastic attitude opens a line for effective communication that creates a bridge of respect necessary for the construction of a positive and motivating environment. This bond allows me to assess, assimilate and formulate lesson plans optimal for the continual development of learners of varying abilities. My commitment and welldeveloped organizational skills, combined with my ability to assume the correct role appropriate to the needs of the student, ensures that I meet the constantly changing demands of a teaching environment. Furthermore, I am able to accurately simplify the subject matter and deliver it in a constructive and digestible manner that allows students to reach and exceed all educational objectives. Witnessing the impact the students have imparted onto me and vice versa, I have found joy in knowing that I was able to make a difference and be a part of the development of successful, lifelong learners. Enclosed is my resume for your perusal. I look forward to your response.  Kindest regards, Nirusha Reddy

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