Dylan Hughes

Dylan Hughes

Nationality: south african

Location: South Africa

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

Good day, I am currently seeking an ESL or TEFL teaching position at an International kindergarten or primary school. I have lived and worked for two years in China as an ESL teacher. I absolutely loved my time there. I am a hard worker that is organised and passionate about children. I have a BA degree in Interior Design as well as a hour TEFL and TESOL certificate. I furthermore attended two different courses at my previous job which was highly informative. At this same job we had weekly meetings on how to improve our teaching style and material to ensure the children got the best education in the most fun and effective way possible.   I am a hardworking individual that has great organizational skills. I am passionate about children and thrive on noticing their triumphs whether it be the small ones or the bigger ones. I am always thinking of new ways to improve the work environment to make it more effective and efficient. Lastly I would not only like to thank you for taking the time in looking at my application, but would appreciate the chance to set up an interview in order to further speak with you about my possible employment at your institution. Look forward to hearing back from you. Kind regards Dylan Hughes

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