Thalia Dayal

Thalia Dayal

Nationality: south african

Location: South Africa

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

My name is Thalia Dayal. I am a South African Native English Speaker, a Psychology graduate student and a qualified TEFL Teacher. As an TEFL Teacher I use professional judgement to increase the skills of my students. I believe in creating a noncompetitive environment for my students where they feel comfortable to engage in classroom activities and participate in the learning environment. I am able to work as a team with other teachers to plan and develop lessons. I completed my TEFL Certification in and I have been focused on furthering my education since then, in order to be fully accomplished within my future role as an educator. My TEFL Certification is a Level , hour TEFL Certificate, which is Ofqual Accredited, and UK Government approved. My TEFL Certification is also approved by the U.S Department of Education National Accreditor DEAC. I am competent in Lesson Planning, Teaching English Vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. I am proficient in classroom management and creative lesson planning. I am able to use psychological skills and knowledge in my studies to clearly recognise learning difficulties in my students and adapt lessons to suit their individual learning styles. I would appreciate the opportunity to teach within your school and I know that my knowledge and skills, will serve me well in my role as an educator.

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