Thornton Oakes

Thornton Oakes

Nationality: South African

Location: South Africa

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

Opportunity search Thornton Oakes May , Thornton Oakes Mobile: [] [] Email:   Dear Sir / Madam I would describe myself as an indepth thinking person and extroverted business networker, with strong skills in innovation, facilitation, solutions management, learning & development. Who enjoys interactions with people, utilizing the opportunity to interact at a highlevel pace and contribute to those interactions. Skills attained in where natural talent lies, allowed me to specialize in business functions through exposure to the operations environment, enabling me to build refined skills in running business processes, ensuring the delivery of consumer products and services. Applying tools such as customer journey solution building / quality assurance and internal audit / product innovation / cost reduction to enabling enhanced product offerings to a consumer / customer insight analysis / digitisation / automation / project management / vendor resourcing / resource optimisation / business strategy alignment / Legislation/ risk and compliance infrastructure. Have a strong drive and passion for people and how innovation through technology and understanding, your customer enables product delivery in the lives of the consumer. A human interaction focused soul that loves working on all aspects of social development, improvement, and overall communication.    Yours sincerely,  Thornton Oakes

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