For expatriates in Brazil, it is extremely difficult to find a job, as there are many restrictions for foreigners and also the number well-trained native workers has increased. Thus job opportunities are very important for expatriates in here.


Basically you are required to be knowledgeable about Portuguese because English is not very popular in Brazil. On the other hand, Brazilian government tries to keep foreign employees out in order to protect its local labor force. So, job opportunities are rare for expatriates in Brazil. The only possibility is that you are equipped with a skill that seldom Brazilians have so you can fill in the vacancies. That way you are able to get job opportunities in here. In addition, the Ministry of Labor will consider the candidates very carefully before letting them get the job opportunity, which is another barrier on the road to successful employment. So Job opportunities are plentiful for you. Besides, Brazilian companies have to obey “the principle of proportionality”, which rules that at least 2/3 of all employees must be Brazilians and they have to be paid at least 2/3 of all salaries. Last, all certificates overseas are not recognized in Brazil, meaning you have to redo the examination to get a similar certificates. Unfortunately, the examination is always in Portuguese, which keeps most of the expats not knowing any of Portuguese out.


If you really want to get a job in Brazil, then it would be better to work for a company which has branches in Brazil and transfer to there. But do not expect you can get a very high salary from working in here.


As in the past, you can find jobs through newspapers, agencies and classified websites such as However, you should be aware any fraudulent behavior as this is not a rare case in Brazil.

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