If you are seeking a job in New Zealand, first you must make sure that you are allowed to work there. Nationals other than New Zealanders and Australians are not permitted to have a job here, except that the visa is working holiday visa or USA students under the six-month ‘Work in New Zealand Program’. So, the job opportunities of expatriates in New Zealand. However, there is still a chance if New Zealand citizens are not available to do a job, then you’re possibly granted a temporary work visa.


Finding a job in New Zealand usually means you have to equip with specific qualifications and fluent English, as well as satisfy the stringent immigration requirements. In this way, you may get  a job in New Zealand.


As other developed countries, skilled professionals are lacking. The sectors where it is easier to find a job are accountancy and IT. Hangzhoujobs.com/view-blog/519" target="_BLANK">Health workers, including doctors, nurses and specialists like radiologists, are hot jobs as well.


For more details, you should visit The Immigration New Zealand website www.immigration.govt.nz. There are two useful lists which shows what kind of skilled workers are in need. They are:the Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL) and the Immediate Skill Shortage List (ISSL). You can browse selectively.


Temporary & Casual jobs


The tourism industry in New Zealand is booming and attracts tons of tourists all over the world throughout the whole year. As other countries, the tourist seasons are mainly summer and holiday periods during winter such as Christmas and New Year. Hotels, restaurants, bars and shops are hiring staff, especially those near  tourist attractions, beaches or skiing resorts during winter. If you work in tourism, you will be more likely to get job opportunities.


Agricultural jobs

They are usually seasonal works which are physical demanding and long-hour. Works are available from skilled jobs such as sheep shearing to unskilled jobs such as fruit picking.


Industrial work

As always, they are working in factories and warehouses, including cleaners, drivers, porters and securities etc. Also, works such as process and pack dairy products and foods are available in some plants. This kind of job is usually deemed unreliable because of being based on the requirement of the market – you can have full work in a week and then be totally free next week. You can seek this job through the classifieds of local newspapers or recruitment agencies.



Due to 'obligatory' overseas tour, many New Zealand workers from sectors such asaccounting, banking, finance, insurance or law etc have to work overseas for 6 to 12 months, which leaves plenty of job vacancies for those who are qualified. Most of these kind of jobs can be found through some employment agencies.


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