In most major cities of Australia, the shortage of rented housing becomes normal and it is still increasing, especially Sydney and Melbourne. That means finding a suitable accommodation is not an easy job in these cities.


In Australia, most of the housing is dealt with by agents. Their responsibilities are to investigate the potential tenants. Thus you should prepare yourself fully before visiting houses or agents in order to have a good record. There are several documents needed to register with an agent: two sorts of identification (normally passport and driver’s license), your employer or previous landlord’s reference letter, and one character reference. Most of the time, in Australia, you may have to answer questions from the agent such as why you move out from your previous apartment. Meanwhile, they will try to contact your referees to confirm the accuracy of references. Last, you have to correctly complete a registration form provided by the agent.


In Australia, as for people of low-income and unemployment, they have to prove that they are financially readied for the rent. Once meet the requirement, you have to pay a deposit of $50 and present the proof of identity to view the housing.


Most of the time, in Australia, agencies will charge tenants a legal maximum fee, which is two weeks’ rent for a one-year lease and one week’s rent for a six-month lease. You are also required to pay one-month rent before moving in, though it depends on the type of accommodation. Moreover, you are expected to pay a fee for the lease documents, a deposit for utilities (gas and electricity) and a bond (for maintenance fee of potential damage). As for the bond, usually it is equivalent to between four and six weeks’ rent. However, the availability of furniture and decoration may affect the bond. All in all, it is advisable to check all the fees you have to pay in order to avoid unnecessary situations.


If you are a college student, you can find a suitable accommodation through accommodation office in your university. Usually they have a list of certified accommodation. Though universities provide accommodation as well, they are quite limited and the priority goes to international students. So finding a suitable accommodation is not an easy job in Australia. Most of the time, students would choose to rent an apartment or a house nearby, and they share with other students. Although in reality, they are hard to be found around the campus and they are of high rent which are unaffordable for students.

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