Tourist industry

With France is one of the fourth most visited countries in the world, there are many job opportunities for expatriates  in French in tourist industry, Europeans and tourists from other countries often go on holidays in France in summer, especially in major cities such as Paris. Hotels, restaurants and other service providers are consecutively hiring new employees to cope with the huge amount of tourists globally. For instance, fast food chains are the ones who always desire for new employees. There are a variety of jobs in winter as well, as many tourists choose to have fun in the ski resorts. Typically you can find jobs such as chefs, waiters and ski instructors. This will increase job opportunities for expatriates in France.


Teaching foreign language

Teaching your mother language in France is another good choice for gaining a job. There are a lot of English, German and Spanish teaching jobs in the market. Note that teaching in training centers is much easier than public schools in France as public school has rigid requirements about the teachers, whilst training centers might offer you a job even without qualifications such as BA or TEFL. Though having teaching experiences and certificates gives you an advantage when hunting for a teaching job. Being private tutors, nevertheless, does not mean that you have a satisfying salary, as the tuition fee is usually around 15-20 per hour.


Au pairing (child-care)

To look after children in France is not easy for expatriates, since they require that applicants should know French. Also, you should love children and know how to play with them. For more details, you can visit this website:


Agricultural jobs

Agricultural jobs are usually works such as Grape and fruit picking, which is seasonal and physical demanding. Though you can easily get a work permit for this kind of job, because of low salary and large workload it might not be a good job option for expatriates in France.

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