1. Student accommodation

In France, they are usually halls of residence operated by schools or private companies. Typically they are of low rental price but you should book it earlier since it will take a long time to clean and organize. Often the rental price includes broadband, utility bills and basic maintenance etc.


2. Apartment/flat and house

If you want to find a suitable accommodation in France, this is not a bad idea that you plan to move into shared apartment/flat and house. Of course, they vary in quality and location so that you have to choose carefully in case you are disappointed, especially small details like sharing of utility bills, availability of broadband and forbidden activities etc. If you want to find a suitable accommodation in France, you also should be prepared to spend a lot of time on finding it since it will not very easy especially in major cities like Paris.


Unless you are going to stay in France for up to 5 years or more, it is not a wise idea to buy an apartment or a house here.

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