Right now the competition of rental market is high due to the continuous rise of housing price in Spain. According to the available information, a 1 bedroom furnished flat/apartment starts at €600/month in Madrid and Barcelona. In big cities, you can rent a room in a shared apartment, which starts at approximately €300/month, to save money.


The timing of finding a suitable accommodation is important in Spain. August is normally the month in which people are having a vacation and September can be even worse as people is back from vacation and students are also looking for a suitable accommodation in his new year of study. During this period, it is not easy to find a suitable accommodation in Spain. It is advisable to avoid big holidays like Christmas which would make the progression of finding accommodation go very slowly. Typically, the best time will be May to July, if you want to find a suitable accommodation in Spain.


In Spain, note that landlords normally want to meet their tenants before prior to signing a contract. Moreover, this is not a good idea to sign the contract before visiting the real apartment since they may differ from the pictures. There is apartment rental service available as well if you want a organized apartment but the fee is not cheap.

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