Do you love teaching children or adults? Would you like to experience living in China for a year? Would you like to like to feel appreciated for what you do and receive a competitive salary and benefits package? Then we might have the perfect job for you!

We are seeking English speakers from the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa to teach English in China for a year.  A Bachelor’s degree and experience is recommended, but not required to teach children ages 2-12. If you have a Bachelor’s degree, you also have the option to teach adults. Also, more good news is that you do NOT need to know how to speak Chinese.

Job Responsibilities (for preschool teachers but similar for other grade teachers)

Create an Unrivaled Education Experience

Classroom: Create learning spaces that support and enhance curriculum activities. Teaching: Teach lessons in a way that meets each child’s unique learning style. Care: Meet physical and emotional needs of each child and provide an atmosphere that makes children and families feel valued. Organization: Keep classroom supplies, daily records and child information organized. Assessments: Complete student assessments using classroom observations. Actively participate in parent conferences with the Lead Teacher or Center Director. Best Practices: Incorporate early childhood educational best practices learned through formal education, job training, and experience. Share your own knowledge with Assistant Teachers. Technology: Learn to use the technology and systems needed for your job, and be willing to learn new programs, applications, systems, or devices as things change.

Be Flexible and Proactive

Initiative: After training, you should be able to anticipate classroom needs and follow through without direct supervision or prompting. Classroom Assignment: It is sometimes necessary for staff to move between classrooms and to work with different age groups so your classroom assignment may change according to center needs.


Must be at least 18 years’ old High School Diploma or equivalent Speak, read, and write English fluently Hands-on teaching experience preferred but not required Excellent verbal communication skills High level of flexibility

Work Environment/Physical Demands

Must be able to adapt to continuously changing, fast-paced environment and make the children’s needs your primary focus. Must be able to fully engage in physical activity. Must be able to kneel, stoop, squat, and stand for a long time, and demonstrate and engage in activities like jumping, dancing, walking, and running. Work is primarily performed at the center. Work is sometimes performed off site for field trips. Must be able to see and hear well enough to monitor classrooms and playgrounds to keep children safe at all times.

We Offer

Competitive compensation: 8 RMB/month, up to 15,000 if you have a bachelor’s degree, 2+ years of teaching experience, and want to teach adults. Housing: free accommodation with all utilities (housing is cheaper in China) Airfare reimbursement: 4000 RMB at end of completed 1-year contract Invitation letter so you can apply for a visa (Z visa if you have a bachelor’s degree). Airport pickup and welcome dinner Orientation upon arrival orient Program supervision and emergency service Airport seeing-off after the completion of the program Guaranteed school placement 5-day work week, 18 hours teaching per week 20 paid holidays Free Chinese classes 2 hours per week???Low-stress employment, discussing topics of your choice, without disciplinary or grading responsibilities                  Gong Fu, Taiji, Chinese painting and other cultural skills, free of charge. If you stay with it for multiple terms, travel costs might be reimbursed

INTERESTED? Please send us:

1. Your Resume;

2. Copy of the first page of your passport;

3. Self-intro video within 1-2 minutes and 30Mb;

Contact: Xavier


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Gap year option details

Option ID:
12 weeks
7000CNY to 8000CNY (Please apply online for full pricing details)
China, CHINA

Gap year provider details

Name: Enke Education Technology
Address: Room 1906,D2 Building, Tian Chuang Shi Yuan, No.21 Da Tun Road, Hui Zhong Bei Li, Chao Yang District, Beijing