Residence permit

Residence permit grants you the right to live in China. You must obtain your residence permit within 30 days after your arrival in China. Moreover, residence permit works as a multiple-entry visa which allows you to leave and return the country even your initial visa expires.


As of now, there are two types of residence permits available in China.

      - Permanent residence permits are for the visa D holders and are renewable every 10 years.

      - Temporary residence permits are for any types of visa holders. Usually this is the initial residence permits you get upon your arrival in China. This type of permits is valid for 6 months to 12 months and can be renewed only if you get a new visa. 

      - Foreigner residence permits are mostly for the visa Z and X holders. This type of permits is valid for 1 year and is renewable every year. Most foreigners working or studying in China are holding this type of permits. 


Following documentation is needed to go through the application:

- Your passport with the appropriate visa corresponding to your residence permit

- A photo for your passport

- Your Residence Registration

- The Residence Permit application form

- Your corresponding employer or school’s contact information and permit from them.

    - Physical Exam Certificate (Most of the time, you won’t need heath certificate to submit the application. But in some special occasion, you will be asked to provide one)


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