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How to open your bank account in Spain
Spain | Money
If you are a foreigner planning to stay in Spain, you probably consider opening a bank account in Spain. Curre...
18/11/2014 09:17
views: 492
Job opportunities for expatriates
Spain | Jobs
Due to recent economic situation and high rate of unemployment in Spain, it is not easy for foreigners to find...
18/11/2014 09:16
views: 520
Accommodation in Spain
Spain | Accommodation
Right now the competition of rental market is high due to the continuous rise of housing price in Spain. Accor...
18/11/2014 09:15
views: 503
Spanish citizenship
Spain | visas and permits
For application of Spanish citizenship, generally you should be a legal and have continuous residency for 10 y...
18/11/2014 09:13
views: 510
Identity number in Spain
Spain | visas and permits
NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero): NIE is a number issued by the immigration service once yo...
18/11/2014 09:12
views: 558
Residence and NIE
Spain | visas and permits
To become an official resident in Spain, you have to get a NIE (Número de Identificación de Extr...
18/11/2014 09:11
views: 509
Visa types and application procedures
Spain | visas and permits
As we know that Spain is part of Schengen group, which consists of 26 countries and shares visa rules. In this...
18/11/2014 09:10
views: 522

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Tefl in Spain
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