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How to open a bank account
China | Money
There is a growing tendency that many expats and foreign workers choose to work in China with attractive salar...
19/11/2014 04:14
views: 960
Visa types and application procedures
China | visas and permits
In general, Chinese embassy will take about a week to deal with your visa application if all your documents me...
19/11/2014 03:50
views: 1374
Currency and cost of living
China | Money
Currency   RMB (Renminbi) is the Chinese currency, which contains Yuan, Jiao and Fen. 1 yuan is 10 jiao...
18/11/2014 09:07
views: 747
Job opportunities for expatriates in China
China | Jobs
Teaching English A majority of foreigners are doing Teaching English in China. This position has good salary ...
18/11/2014 09:06
views: 531
China | Accommodation
In China, foreigners can rent or even purchase housing as the Chinese citizens. Following are the types of hou...
18/11/2014 09:05
views: 554
Driving license
China | visas and permits
Can you drive with international driving license in China? The answer is no. China does not recognize your int...
18/11/2014 09:04
views: 566
Residence registration
China | visas and permits
You must register with your local Public Security Bureau within 10 days on your arrival in China. In this regi...
18/11/2014 09:03
views: 507
Residence permit
China | visas and permits
Residence permit grants you the right to live in China. You must obtain your residence permit within 30 days a...
18/11/2014 09:01
views: 1085

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