Costs for taking a Gap Year Abroad as a Ski work,Camp America,Teach English, Ski Guide, Chef, working on vineyards and more...

In order to take a gap year abroad it can be very cheap or at the extreme end several thousand pounds depending on where you would like to go, whether you'll be working and how long you decide to go for.

As a guide based on duration please refer below:-

1-2 Months in Europe: 1,500-3,000GBP
1-2 Months in Asia: 2,000-3,000GBP
1-2 Months in America: 2,000-3,000GBP

2-6 Months in Europe/Asia/America/Africa: 3,000-6,000GBP
6-12 Months in Europe/Asia/America/Africa: 6,000-10,000GBP

If you are on a budget you should seek work immediately:-

Our recommended gap year plan for under 1000GBP!
Starting Bank Balance: 1000.00GBP
1st Leg
(Dec to Apr): Ski season, Europe (Chalet assistant/Chalet host role)
Profit/loss: +200GBP to +500GBP (After receiving salary & tips)

Bank Balance at the end of Leg 1: 1500.00GBP

2nd Leg
(May - Aug): Teach English, China + Hong Kong (ESL Teaching - summer)
+ Trip to Hong Kong (3 days - visit)
+ Trip to Macau (3 days - visit)

Profit/loss: +200GBP to +500GBP (Flights are expensive although salaries are higher so you'll come out in profit)
Bank Balance at the end of Leg 2: 2000.00GBP

3rd Leg
(Aug - Sept): Grape picking in Australia (Farm work - Autumn)
-> Travel across Australia is expensive. So need to find a job ASAP

Profit/loss: -200GBP to -500GBP (It will be expensive to fly into Australia, visas and living costs will cost you overal)
Bank Balance at the end of Leg 3: 1500.00GBP

4th Leg
(Sept-Dec): Teach English in South America (Ecuador - 3 months)
-> Travel to Ecuador will cost, whilst working you will break even

Profit/loss: -1000GBP (Flights and travel costs)

Bank Balance at the end of Leg 4: 500.00GBP

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