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Working as an expat in Turkey   

Turkey is the only country to cross two continents. So it has a very strong religious culture, especially in Islam. Their traditional habits is unique compared to other European countries. Even Istanbul -- very close to Europe, has a  completely different customs and culture. Those who are very curious about Islamic religious culture, they will find it fascinating working there. 

Working in Turkey, you can choose many kinds of jobs. Such as: nanny,management,restaurant staff, secretary, English teacher and you also can do you own business there. Turkey can offer you more chances for challenges and have a good life. Turkish hospitality and pleasure is famous all over the world. Inviting  a friend back home to drink tea on a sunny afternoon, is common. Life  should be like that!

More and more people go to Turkey to begin their new life. They want their life different and have other experiences which are not found at home.

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