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Working as an expat in Thailand   

Working in Thailand is one of the best decisions most expats, professionals, travelers and backpackers make. Thailand is popular among those who have never worked abroad because there are many opportunities and many ways to enjoy your leisure time


It is a great country to enjoy your life and work. Thailand is your best choice. The living costs are not as high as your hometown, and the natives are very kind and helpful. Thailand is an attractive country, they have beautiful beaches, different kinds of temples, unique architectures and culture.  


Millions of people spend their leisure time in travelling in Thailand. They go to Patong beach, which is a symbol of Thailand. Another great place to visit is PiPi Island. The scenery is unique in the world; many Hollywood movies are shot there. Another must-see place in Thailand is called: Phuket Island, where you can watch traditional Thailand culture show and enjoy their life style. Phuket is also famous for its beautiful exotic scenery.

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