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Working as an expat in South Korea   

South Korea is an extremely popular destination for those who want to teach English abroad in Asia. Both Korea’s successful modern economy and interesting culture make it an attractive location for those interested in teaching English in Korea.

There are many reputable schools which provide jobs teaching English in Korea to bright, talented individuals. You have many opportunities to begin your career. You can earn 3 million South Korean won per month. The salary and benefits are excellent, allowing you to live a comfortable lifestyle and save money. 

South Koreans are extremely hospitable and feel it is important for guests to leave with a good impression. It is a great country to enjoy your life and work. There are many attractive places to visit like Jeju Island, lots of unique Korean food and fresh air quality.

When expats come to South Korea the first time, generally, they won’t teach English any where else. 

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Tefl in South Korea
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