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Working as an expat in Saudi Arabia   

“Jobs Overseas” offers teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia at a number of institutions, including private international schools, ESL schools and language institutes, as well as universities and colleges. Teaching in Saudi Arabia can be a very lucrative opportunity for expat teachers.

Teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia offers teachers the chance to live in one of the world’s wealthiest countries, in the centre of the Middle East. Teaching in Saudi Arabia also gives teachers the opportunity to learn more about Middle Eastern and Islamic traditions. Teaching in Saudi Arabia can earn high salary and have good benefits, normally 15000SAR per month ($4000USD)

Culturally, Saudi Arabia people are very friendly, helpful and hospitable. They have a rich Muslim religion culture and unique custom. You’ll never find the same culture and customs in the world except Saudi Arabia. Teaching in Saudi Arabia is popular among those who’ve never worked overseas before, especially those who would like to learn about unique traditions. 

Saudi Arabia is challenging. The acceptance of foreigners has settled, employers have a good understanding as to how to overcome culture issues with foreign and expat workers and generally speaking more and more foreign workers and expats in Saudi Arabia come home with a difference experience and open mind.

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