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Working as an expat in Macau   

Macau is located in the South of China and known as the Las Vegas of the East. It is very close to Hong Kong and Zhuhai city. Macau has much more to offer than casinos. The region is a former Portuguese colony, and this influence can be seen in Macau’s streets and architecture, which have a distinctly European feel. Besides experiencing the world-class restaurants and cafes, residents can enjoy bicycling and hiking around Macau. Many choose to escape from the crowed city and live in a quiet island. 

Because Macau is a popular tourist destination, many people also know English and have more chances teaching in Macau. Macao was Portuguese colony many years ago, and now it belongs to a part of China. So Macao has a combination culture with western and China. The people are very kind, friendly and hospitable. Macao’s salary is very high and good benefits. Usually you can earn 6000USD per month. 

Finally, the acceptance of foreigner has settled, employers have a good understanding as to how to overcome culture issues with foreign and expat workers and generally speaking more and more foreign workers and expats in China come home with a difference experience and open mind.

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