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Working as an expat in Japan   

Working in Japan continues to be one of the most popular destinations for English teachers wishing to teach abroad. Even as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, Japan offers a combination culture and tradition.

Japanese are very famous for their interesting, polite and unique culture. Teaching in Japan means direct access to this unique culture and its mysteries. You can learn more about the kimono, Japanese tea ceremony, and ikebana. This unparalleled culture can only be found in Japan and only when you go there you can feel the difference from your own country. 

Japan is a very unique country and full of energy, it provides lots of opportunities for people. Even without any experience you can land a healthy salary with good benefits that more than you earn at home. 

Japanese yen to US dollar wise it will seem you are better than you back home. You may earn Japanese yen 400, 000 per month, and besides your apartment cost and daily expenditure may be (150,000yen), you can save a lot more money than at home. However, do not overlook the cost of living in Japan, even in the big cities like Tokyo, Osaka. If you have experience in teaching, you can earn more money, if not; it is possible live with reasonable cost. 


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