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Working as an expat in India   

India is the world's most multi-cultural country in the world. Working in India is very challenging since it is a multi cultural, multi religious, multi language. You can get a range of difference experience; it is great on your resume for any future jobs. 

With the increasing economy in India, English is becoming extensively used in business trade and daily communication. There are plenty of chances to find a job in India, even without any related experience. 

Many graduates come to India for volunteer jobs. There are many kinds of volunteer jobs in India. Such as: WWOOF, Willing Workers on Organic Farms. WWOOF provides a way for volunteers to learn about organic food, farming, and ways of life. In doing so it brings together people to share common human values and thinking. WWOOF also hopes to provide helping hands to its hosts and make volunteers to understand what it means to live organically. Besides that, teaching English, health care, and cleaning jobs are your options. 

Finally, more and more foreign workers come to India to make their life remarkable and return back home with lots of wonderful stories and satisfaction.

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