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Working as an expat in Hong Kong   

With the increasing economy in Asian countries and the financial crisis in the west, many expats and foreign workers transfer their career to Asia. Without a doubt, Hong Kong is one of the most developed cities in Asia and it also the center of financial, trade, and export business. A lot of expats come here for working and can find opportunities to begin their career. 

Also, the Hong Kong people are very kind and motivated. When you work with them, you’ll find out, it is very different and refreshing from you home experience. 

Working in Hong Kong as an expat for the first time will generally choose to become an ESL teacher. Why is that? One thing is that many Hong Kong people use English often, from 3 years old children to university students. Hong Kong dollar to US dollar wise it will seem you are better than you back home. You may earn HKD50,000 per month, and besides your apartment cost may be (9000HKD), you can save a lot more money than at home. 

For the professional, skilled worker there are opportunities in interior design, management, and engineering. Even though, there is a lot of competition in these kinds of jobs, you also can earn far more than at home and are well worth applying for in any case.

Finally, Hong Kong is a city, where many expats and foreign workers settle down and live a wonderful life. They all come home with praise, experience and enjoyment during their time in Hong Kong. Some of them even bring their family to Hong Kong 

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