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Working as an expat in China   

Working in China is one of the greatest decisions most expats, professionals, travellers and backpackers make. In many cases China is popular among those who've never worked overseas before because of the abundance of work opportunities, safety and low living costs.

Culturally, China is fascinating; The people are warm, kind and welcoming. The food is unique, different and wonderful. The experience, above all is the most important aspect you'll take home with you and for the rest of your life.

Working in China as an expat for the first time will generally lead down the avenue of teaching English. Even without any experience you can land a healthy salary with good benefits and more disposable income than you've ever had back at home before. Chinese Yuan to Dollar wise it will seem you are better off back home. However, do not overlook the cost of living in China. Even in the big cities such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen it's possible to live reasonably well off 1000-2000RMB (150-250USD) per month. With salaries for first time teachers without experience clearing 10,000RMB per month... you can see how much you can save.

For the professional, skilled worker there are opportunities in interior design, management, editing roles and engineering. Albeit competetive, these kind of jobs yeild very high salaries far more than for the same position back home and are well worth applying for in any case.

Finally, China is changing all the time. The acceptance of foreigners has settled, employers have a good understanding as to how to overcome cultural issues with foreign and expat workers and generally speaking more and more expats and foreign workers in China come home with floods of praise, experience and enjoyment during their time in China.



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