TEFL Online and In Classroom for teaching English abroad

If you're considering teaching English abroad you should enrol in an online TEFL course as soon as possible. Not only does an accredited online TEFL course allow you to teach abroad without any related teaching experience, it also offers you valuable insight into the world of teaching to give you a taste of how teaching may work out for you.

To teach abroad in most asian countries you should get a minimum of 60 Hours online TEFL. If you're looking to teach in major cities in Asia, For example, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok etc you should go for a 120 hour TEFL course to ensure you fully qualify. For working in Europe you should get at least 120 Hour TEFL and if possible try to complete a more extensive TESOL or CELTA. For teaching English in South America a 60 Hour TEFL will be more than adequate.

TEFL Courses range from around $100USD to over $2000USD, generally speaking you get what you pay for. A course at the top end will offer you valuable hands on teaching experience saving many headaches and learning how to teach on your own when you get a job teaching abroad. The online courses are a taster, and we recommend them if you already have a natural ability to communicate and/or teaching experience already.

Please find our current TEFL courses, both online and in person courses listed below:-

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Certificate in TEFL - 60 Hours (Online)
Online | Online | TEFL | 200USD to 234USD
The LTTC Certificate in TEFL is now available for fast entry into a career in teaching English as a foreign language ...
09/02/14 04:59AM
views: 52011

Certificate in TEFL - 120 Hours (Online) - ENDORSED
Online | Online | | 378USD to 412USD
Our 120 hour certificate in TEFL covers an extended syllabus. Many employers regard the standard for the profession a...
09/02/14 08:51AM
views: 32

Diploma in TESOL - ONLINE
Online | Online | TESOL Diploma | 500USD
The Diploma in TESOL is specifically targeted at those who are interested in teaching English as a second or foreign ...
15/02/14 06:51AM
views: 49683

TEFL/TESOL Popular Courses:

TEFL Online
Price: 200USD
Location: Online
Views: 52011
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TESOL Diploma Online
Price: 500USD
Location: Online
Views: 49683
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TEFL in Thailand
Price: 600USD
Location: Krabi
Views: 1026
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